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Mindfulness- og pustereise
Spania, Catalonia

A ReTreat: A path to integrity: experienced through the bodymind, guided by the spirited self

The central theme of this retreat is finding and being in your integrity within the bodymind and spirit. Knowing what that means (for you), how to access, (re)align, and foster it.

This is a four-day guided path into inner integrity, supported through physical integrity.

Reisens høydepunkt

  • Slings Myofascial Training
  • A retreat in idyllic countryside
  • Reiki, mindfulness, and mediation
  • Healthy vegetarian food
  • Enhances resources and authenticity
Dato: 15. mai - 19. mai 2024 / 5 dager
Pris € 1 570
Enkeltromstillegg: € 280

Unbeknownst to many of us through social conditioning - people pleasing, staying in inharmonious relationships, through habits that no longer serve us or our growth - we lose ourselves and become other directed, instead of being in integrity and harmony with who we are. Through this retreat I wish for you to find (back to) your true path of integrity (again and again) with a solid tested “navigational toolset and map”.

Highlights and navigational tools that you will be integrating and take away with you:

  • The intention: a process and a map giving you the tools and experience to find back to your integrity again and again on your own
  • Simple practices that will help you tune into your inner navigational systems and learn or refine how to draw meaning from them
  • How to detect when you are being disintegrated and the effects it has on your bodymind and spirit
  • How to get back to integrity through mindfulness, breath, meditation, and body-minded fascia focused movement practices, supported by reiki
  • Four filmed downloadable “Integrity Meditations” to support your inward journey and to utilize as a guide after the retreat
  • Four filmed downloadable “Slings Myofascial Training practices fostering and (re)training Integrity” to support your continual bodymind structural integration after the retreat
  • This retreat can assist you in giving you tools and “medicines” to tap into your resources and full potential, to feel self-empowered and self-determined by becoming more attuned to what is well-being, and feeling-vibrantly- alive promoting, for you as an integral being

The navigational tools that you will be empowered by

As a collective they all enhance in becoming psychosomatically more aware and intelligent: Empowering you in trusting your-self healing capacity whilst enhancing resilience and the ability to stay in your integrity in any situation or at least notice when you move out of your integrity.

  • Slings Myofascial Training: A fascia focused resource-oriented movement practice that enhances the body’s self-healing capacity, postural integrity, and vibrant vitality. Fascia houses the nervous system and is in constant dialog with it as well as the gut-brain and intuition. Therefore, assisting us in finetuning our “listening skills”, as fascia is your biggest sensory organ.
  • Reiki: Supports and increases, psychosomatic healing, personal growth, and development. It assists emotional healing and stability, mental clarity, as well as peace of the bodymind and spirit. It promotes a sense of wholeness: a state of positive wellbeing and mental and emotional integrity.
  • Breath: The life-giving breath and inspiration play a big role in how we physically and mentally feel. It can be a powerful medicine to unify, cleans and harmonise body and mind. It can be intentionally used to get inspired and to ground and stay in one’s integrity.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness: It is considered a type of mind-body complementary medicine. It can produce a deep state of relaxation and clarity in the bodymind, assisting us in integral decision making that supports our health and wellbeing.

No previous experience is needed in any of the modalities. What you need to bring with you are the joy of moving and exploring your innerness

Please bring 2 soft pliable massage balls, ideal are the massage balls from art of motion, see link


Catalonia offers beautiful landscapes, from the high Pyrenees to the golden sand coves, from the endlessly flat rice paddies to the surreal Volcanic Park. Within he region you will find well-marked dedicated walking and cycling trails. Pedal to provincial pueblos, picturesque cascades and canyons, traditional markets and ancient caves.

The region hosts everything from Barcelona buzzing to small country towns.


Alaya retreat center

Located just 40 minutes from Barcelona, Alaya Retreat Centre is an idyllic destination for those seeking nature, revitalization, and wellness in combination with your yoga education.

Alaya is a former wine farm that has been renovated to include a large yoga shala, private villas, beautiful gardens, a large swimming pool, and wellness centre with a jacuzzi and sauna.

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • unlimited filtered water and herbal teas.
  • Access to pool
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Muriel Morwitzer

Reisetyper: Mindfulness- og pustereise

One of Mumu’s dearest wishes and what she feels called to be of service, is to assist anyone who wants to “rewrite” their psychosomatic habitual-social-conditioned story and who wishes to enjoy a vibrant embodied and spirited life.

Portrettbilde av Muriel Morwitzer
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How to get to Alaya retreat center?

When arriving to Barcelona Airport:
Public transport - Take the Airbus at any terminal of the airport to Plaça Catalunya, final station of the route. Once there, take the train R4 to Vilafranca del Penedès with approximate journey time of 50 min. Then you can either take a bus near the train station to Sant Marti Sarroca and make a 20 min walk to the Masia; or, take a taxi from Vilafranca train station to Cal Pau Cruset. Taxi fare is around 20€ for the 15 min journey.

The hotel can arrange a pick up service for you, just let us know your flight itinerary and our trustworthy and reliable taxi will meet you at the gate to take you to Alaya. 4 people can share (depending on suitcase size). Approx 90€.


Praktisk informasjon


Dato: 15. mai 2024

Antall dager:5

Pris fra: € 1 570

Hva er inkludert

  • Four nights in choosen roomcategorie
  • Full board with vegetarian/vegan menu
  • Coffee/tea brakes with fruits
  • Filtered water
  • Daily fascia focussed classes held by Muriel Morwitzer